Bringing it all together

I must admit I have been all over the place with my online presence this year but it has been because I’ve been a bit lost with my art and how I want to present it.

I am still working on this website. This weekend I will be adding more of my photography. But it will now be my primary author and photographer website. I felt I was spreading myself too thin.

I tried Squarespace, and I liked it for a photography portfolio, but I disliked its mobile responsiveness and blogging platform. Tried a few other things and I keep coming back to WordPress. Besides, I think I have lots of ideas for blogging now, and I just need a centralized place to post my work. It’s tough when you’re unpublished and operate in both visual and written artistic mediums.

It is tough as well to eschew the spotlight of social media and the very human need for external validation. Sometimes you just need to write and make art because you have something to say for yourself.

I plan to post book and movie reviews, random thoughts, self care for writers and artists, tips to beat writers block, and general ideas about living a creative life, plus my work, self published and traditionally published versions.

Welcome to my mind, and let’s get lost on the spaceship of this creative journey together! I have realized that it’s not about having it all figured out. Sometimes it’s about the journey!

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