Rolling out a rebranding of my website and blog

If you have not visited my website in awhile you are in for a surprise. I have revamped my website, kept this same blog and rebranded my blog as well. I wanted a primary author/photographer website to incorporate all my creative efforts, as well as a main place to find me elsewhere on the web.

I had started a Wix site to showcase my photography with the thought that I had enough photos to display in a portfolio that I probably needed a separate website. But I soon realized that splitting up all these sites meant that fewer people visited each one. If my branding is myself, I am marketing myself as an author, photographer, writer and artist.

I also realized the moniker “Lost on a Spaceship” was becoming irrelevant. I started out wanting to write science fiction and fantasy, and I still enjoy that genre. But I realized I am writing more contemporary and literary fiction as well, and I wanted to expand beyond sci-fi. So the Spaceship is no longer lost. It is just me. Just Denise.

So without further ado, please check out my brand new website for all things me: I hope you’ll continue along with me in this journey. I hope to keep blogging about the same potpourri of topics in a newspaper column style. My original goal was to blog daily, but I hope to at least blog a couple of times a week.

Thanks again for the support, fellow readers!

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