I’ve now left Medium as I believe in the public domain

I deleted my Medium account at last. I still kept it up for awhile because I liked the articles I had written there. But I had essentially abandoned it.

Medium is a site where you can self-publish articles for free. But if you want more than three views a month, readers must pay $5 a month. Essentially, it becomes just a way for writers to keep paying each other, which is just another way of big business taking advantage of content creators.

Engagement was also so low. They tell you to keep trucking and keep creating and you won’t be screaming into the void after awhile. But if I have to do that much work to build up my reputation, I would rather push my own blog out into the world.

And besides, I believe in the public domain. I don’t believe writers should work for free, but I think that some information benefits the public and they should have access to it. We are only as informed as the facts to which we are exposed. We have seen that dilemma writ large in the pandemic. What’s the worst that can happen from a news ecosystem in which you simply pick the news sources that agree most with your political biases? People think that wearing masks in a pandemic is un-American.

I also plan to be stepping back from Twitter. Not taking a complete break as I’ll still crosspost over there. I am starting to feel like I did the last time I rage-quit the platform. Moody, sensitive and even innocent tweets push my buttons and I read tone between the lines that isn’t there.

It seems like the demographic is changing. While Facebook has now become a playground for 50-70 year old conservatives, Twitter has become a site that appeals to 30-50-year olds who seem entitled, judgmental, and bitter, and are as a whole highly educated and highly privileged. It’s become a place where the celebration of imperfection and slackerdom has become toxic. “How dare you wear jeans!” Even so, tweets about cakes and ants get more attention than more serious content, or links.

I will be venturing more into the world of Tumblr and writing more poetry over there. My Tumblr is siriusrosephoto.tumblr.com. I also plan to blog here much more often, as I will need a platform on which to dump my random thoughts.

And I will be continuing to post my tip jars at the end of every blog post. I see it as my patriotic duty to continue to post useful and interesting information not behind a paywall; therefore, the paywall is a voluntary effort on your part. With so many news sites moving to a paywall, blogs are one of the only egalitarian methods left of learning new things and hearing new perspectives.

Those links are http://www.venmo.com/denise-ruttan and http://www.ko-fi.com/fieldofstars. Thank you for your continued support!

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