New art in shop and new gallery on 500px

I have been struggling yet again with social media, all platforms, really. I have been feeling lately, yet again, like rage-quitting them all. Watching the behavior of others in this pandemic is really upsetting and stressful, and I see it more on social media. I’m trying to focus on the positive instead, like less time mindlessly scrolling means more time to blog. So continues the cycle: Addicted, burnt out, trying to wean myself off the addiction. Searching, always, for validation, for a ghost in the darkness to prove worth; perhaps that’s what keeps me coming back. The ego, despite better intentions. I’m probably the only person who deletes viral tweets. It’s usually the tweets and posts and grams that I could care less about that get the most likes. It drives me nuts.

I’m not coming back to Instagram, though, for several months, at least. I realized tonight after I checked my 500px that I had discarded it mentally too soon. I visited my site after a month after only putting up a few photos and I had 1,211 affection and 37 followers! I mean, what? I never got that kind of activity on Instagram, except when I posted boudoir. That’s how they get you, I guess; arbitrarily decide to feature one of your photos before you go pro. I digress. Ego, again, always.

Also, WordPress does not have unlimited photo uploads, so I think 500px will be a good substitute for my photo sets.

Anyway, that brings me to the main point of this post. I went on a walk around the neighborhood tonight in breathtakingly beautiful and even golden hour light. My still life photos from tonight’s stroll are in my 500px gallery:

You can also purchase some of them at my Redubble shop:

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