Putting projects on the back burner to chase that elusive discipline

Model: Vivian Cove

I’ve decided I have way too many projects going on so I have to make some more choices.

I’m not completely happy with my photo ebook concept as a way to display my photography. I think it needs more tweaking. I’m going to spend some time looking at my archive of six years and organizing it into my best photos instead. So I’m going to put that project on the back burner. It may morph into something else entirely, I’m not sure. Or I may just move on to the next thing.

I just A.) do not like the kind of attention I receive for such photos and B.) It would be a fair amount of effort for not all that much reward. My heart doesn’t seem to be in it this time. I may look into submitting my photos to literary and art magazines that publish fine art photography instead. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my archive. I was also finding that while designing it I couldn’t really display my photos in the most optimized way possible.

For example, for an ebook, you have to use the correct formatting for the margins. And then for horizontal photos, since you are laying them out in Word for an EPUB file, you have to use a much smaller resolution, and usually two or three in the same page. It is a format best suited to vertical photos, of which I have few, for some reason. Especially in the early days, I did not think to tilt my camera that way.

Some of these photos as well I think would be better for my private collection. I’m not sure I want my real name attached. Publishing makes it more permanent in a way, more indelible even than a blog post. People often get the wrong idea about fine art nude photography, even those who appreciate it. They either assess it with Puritan morals, or they view it with the objectification of the male gaze and call it art. Then if you use a pseudonym, you have to build up your marketing platform all over again.

Model photography is such an odd field. People appreciate it, but they don’t want to pay for it. They don’t value it as much as they claim they do. Even photographers don’t want to hire models for this work, and models don’t want to hire photographers, because enough people do it for trade. There are few clients willing to hire both, unless you’re in Los Angeles and well-established in the cutthroat fashion industry. Even authors would pay $200 for a book cover, but models and photographers each charge $100 an hour at the bottom of the market. Even for this project, I wasn’t doing it for the money, and didn’t expect to make hardly anything in sales.

It made me realize I do miss doing it, though. Some day, when the pandemic is over, I would like to work with pro models again for a couple times a year. Maybe a few times with friends who respect my vision. It’s not for profit. It’s not working for free. It’s not for an audience. It’s just for the personal passion of doing the work. I realized I still have that.

I am going to focus on my novella and submitting my short stories instead. That is already a lot of work, and I am behind on my Ray Bradbury challenge to write one short story per week.

I still get Monday off the day job, so my goals for this weekend are to finish a couple more short stories and start on my outline for my novella, get some exercise and do some housekeeping.

But please enjoy some of my past photography work in the meantime. I have grown a lot since I first started shooting.

Vivian Cove
Vivian Cove
Vivian Cove
Jabez Davis
Teesa Marie
Adam Kelliher
Sammy Vee
Naja Marie
Kira Floofie


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