Short Fiction – Defiant Hemlock #1: The Man in the Mirror

I’m starting a new series for the blog only, a daily drabble set in the same universe. A drabble is a short piece that is 100 words; some stories may be longer, but I’ll keep to about 100 words for each. I’ll keep it going for about a month, longer if the mood takes me. It’s just a way to keep pecking at a concept I’ve got and see if anything comes of it. Enjoy. –DNR

Modeled by: Adam Kelliher, shot by Denise Ruttan

It was early. Too early. Jack Kinzer didn’t like the disheveled man who stared back at him through the dirty mirror in the courthouse bathroom. He brushed his teeth. Swish. Spit. Hurry. Judge Gallant waited for no one. 

A toilet flushed. He matched eyes with ADA Flex Fisher. Pretty boy. Former quarterback. Jack scowled. 

“Big day in court, Mr. Kinzer?” 

“Always, Mr. Fisher.” Jack adjusted his tie. His suit jacket came next. Fisher studied him. 

“You still have alcohol on your breath.” 

“Your point?” 

Pretty boy bumped his arm. 

Alone, the old man in the mirror laughed. 


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