Looking toward NaNoWriMo, new goals for blogging

I have decided to revamp my blog quite a bit. I moved my personal posts to drafts, and I decided I will be writing more “strictly business” types of posts from now on.

I’ll talk marketing, book reviews, tidbits from my research, share poetry and short stories, and do submission round-ups. I’ll also talk about progress on my new novel, and share my photoshoots. I realized I was using my blog to vent and it wasn’t that satisfying in the end.

This week I submitted “The Boy Who Loved Christmas” to a charity horror Christmas-themed anthology. I wrote about Kallikantzaroi, a type of Christmas goblin from Eastern European folk tales. It was a fun one to write and only my second horror story. I received a “no” to “The Girls Are Missing” from Nightmare Magazine. I received an acceptance from a for-the-love anthology for a fairy tale retelling flash, but I am not at liberty to reveal more details yet.

I am nearly done with my outline for National Novel Writing Month, which is in November. I have changed my idea three times this month but now I am writing about a secret society of Norse steampunk pirates in the 1860s.

I have been sticking with my morning routine to write, though some days are harder than others. This month it is all about establishing that 5 AM habit. I may even start working on my novel early, because I am just that excited about it, and I hope to write 100K words total (not in a month, though! November is just my jumping off point.)

I also have been giving more serious consideration to self publishing. I had been thinking of trying to sell my novel, if it’s any good, to small presses. But given the instability of the publishing industry, the creative control, control of all the royalties, the speed, and the entrepreneurship of self publishing? All of those factors sound quite attractive to me.

But first things first: Need to finish a first draft. It is never too early to start thinking about these things though.

Next up for my short stories is a piece for an anthology that has a “Seven Deadly Sins” theme. This book is “Gluttony,” quite a challenging topic, but I am nevertheless intrigued.

Almost Friday, folks. We can make it through the week!

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