Day 8 of #NaNoWriMo: How It’s Going

I got a slow start with my first week of NaNoWriMo and already I can feel my resolve slipping, so I decided I would blog daily to hold myself accountable.

First, my start was delayed because I upgraded my computer and I was having migration problems. Finally resolved those with an external hard-drive and now I can fully enjoy my beautiful Macbook Pro laptop.

Then I was hindered by election week stress. I’m not one of those writers who is fueled by stress; I need to take care of myself to be able to be productive with my writing. I’m feeling more hopeful now with the selection of President-Elect Biden. It feels good to say that.

And I’m starting to realize the enormity of my concept and researching as I go. Been happy if I put down any words each day.

Furthermore, Dorothy, a novel is very much not a short story. Short stories are an entirely different skill set and plotting strategy, although writing them has improved my chops and helped instill a writer’s habit.

I am simply completely out of my depth drafting a novel. I keep thinking “This draft is so shitty! I would DNF this the first 3 pages in if I were reading it!”

But I have resolved to cast aside my doubts. I would love to achieve something publishable within the next few months, but I’m not set on that goal. At this rate I will be happy just to finish something. The longest story I’ve completed in years is 8,000 words, and if I go beyond that with this manuscript, it will be a win for me, a victory against the writers’ block that had paralyzed me from writing anything for a few years.

I will also write down my research questions and come back to them in the revision process so I don’t get too entangled in details like what people wore in the 1860s and how they heated their homes. It’s the steampunk concept, so the research is ambitious.

My manuscript is now 4,040 words, and I wrote 1,087 words today. I’ll pick it up again tomorrow morning. During the week I plan to stick with my 5 AM schedule to bust out my word count. I’m also taking a few days off work this week to catch up on both copy and research.

Time to put my head down. I got this!

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