Day 10 of #NaNoWriMo: Scheduling time

I didn’t execute my plans for productivity very well today, but it turned out to be enough in the end, just the same.

I slept in after 5 a.m., thwarting my early-morning writing session plans. Must work on getting more sleep, and then it will be easier to stick to a structured time commitment.

I wrote 845 words on my lunch break, and I am calling it good for the day. Powered through the dialogue scene I was procrastinating on; dialogue is not my strong suit. I am trying to tell myself, “Less is more.”

I have a few days off work for a little planned staycation starting tomorrow, so I intend to make full use of it. I feel ready for more creative work once the faucet has been turned on.

I think my years of producing copy for newspapers as a reporter are finally starting to kick in, like an old muscle getting a fresh workout. Journalism is very different from fiction and more formulaic, but fiction is a muscle, too. Takes a regular practice, like all things, to improve your chops. Like playing a musical instrument. Getting back on the horse, and all that.

Total word count thus far: 5,876 words.

I need a better title, but I was always terrible at those. I am hoping it will come to me further along in the drafting process. I keep staring at my title every time I open the document and thinking, “Well, at least it is better than ‘Novel Thing.'”

Time to put in a solid day’s work on my draft tomorrow. No distractions allowed. Only creativity.

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