Day 12 of #NaNoWriMo: A research day

I did a half hour of yoga to start my morning, but I stared at a blinking cursor all morning so I decided not much writing was going to happen today.

But that is okay, I realized I was stalled on my next scene because I need to understand how steamships work, first. So I’m going to devote the whole afternoon to research.

I did put a few sentences down at least. Maybe I’ll do more tonight. Got another day off tomorrow to make more headway. But the research in my concept is quite heavy, so that’s stopped me at times.

More tomorrow.

One thought on “Day 12 of #NaNoWriMo: A research day

  1. No matter how much research I do ahead of time or how many notes I take, I always have to stop for more details during the writing. Some people can just draft and add it in later, but it informs so much of the rhythms and actions, I have to stop and figure it out.

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