Hello, my name is Denise Ruttan. I’m a writer, editor, photographer and blogger based in Corvallis, Oregon. After eight years as a journalist and PR specialist, I moved on to working as a courtroom clerk and now legal assistant. But that’s just my day job. In my own time, I am an author.

I mostly specialize in speculative fiction, but I don’t pay homage to any particular genre; I go where the ideas take me. I also write contemporary and historical fiction. Above all else, I have a predilection for weird, bizarre, misshapen, genre-bending stories. I strive to bring a literary quality to genre fiction.

I am also a photographer, an interest which I have pursued for the last five years. I shoot with a Nikon D5100 and at times also my iPhone. Currently, I am interested in documentary, still life and nature photography. I sell prints of my flower photos on my Redbubble website.

In my spare time – yes, I do have some – I enjoy knitting, sewing, playing with my pet lovebird, playing the flute, doing yoga, running, hiking and reading. I am also a huge sci fi fan; I love Doctor Who, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Farscape and other shows.