I am a writer, editor and photographer based in Corvallis, Oregon.

My short fiction has been published in Black Hare Press’s Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony anthology, DragonSoul Press’s Fairytale Dragons anthology, Danse Macabre’s DM Du Jour and 365Tomorrows. I focus on speculative fiction with a literary bent. I am currently working on a horror novella.

I hold a BA in creative writing from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida and spent seven years as a small town newspaper reporter and PR specialist. Now I work as a legal assistant for my day job. In my free time I like to hike, do yoga, go swimming, garden and knit.

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Latest from the Blog

Weekly Musings #11

I have changed my mind a lot about how I want to publish my MLM werewolf romance manuscript, which I renamed FULL MOON RISING. At first I was set on self-publishing. I like the idea of being a maverick, I am a control freak, I get impatient and I take criticism and rejection too personally.Continue reading “Weekly Musings #11”

Weekly Musings #10

After about a week and a half break, I couldn’t stand being away from my manuscript so long and I finally started to tackle my revisions for my paranormal romance. I thought it would be hard to attain the necessary objectivity as I felt pretty attached to my characters, but I started working on itContinue reading “Weekly Musings #10”

Weekly Musings #9

My enormously exciting news is that I have finally, at long last, after five months of steady work, finished my first draft of the paranormal romance crime thriller. Clocking in at 100,071 words, it is finally done. Well, not done, because I still have massive amounts of editing to do, but considering all the half-finishedContinue reading “Weekly Musings #9”