Book Review: Jade War by Fonda Lee

Often fantasy trilogies disappoint me. I find publishers want authors to write trilogies for the money, so authors think they need to write trilogies. They had a great idea for a solo book, but then the idea loses its legs and it wanes its brightness in the second and third book, like the author wasContinue reading “Book Review: Jade War by Fonda Lee”

Graphic Novel Review: Radiant Black Vol. 1 from Image Comics

I had to snap a picture of my copy of “Radiant Black,” published by Image Comics, because this cover art is exactly what I love about comics. For this comic exclusive variant covers were created for local comic book shops. This was the cover created for my local comic book shop, Things From Another World.Continue reading “Graphic Novel Review: Radiant Black Vol. 1 from Image Comics”

Book Review: The Orchid and The Lion by Gabriel Hargrave

Since writing more of my own fiction, I find it difficult to read for pleasure anymore. I’m constantly analyzing books like a writer, studying their literary qualities and what I can learn from them for my own writing, and I’m often hyper-critical. As a result it is rare these days for me to fall headContinue reading “Book Review: The Orchid and The Lion by Gabriel Hargrave”

Book Review: The Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart

I really enjoyed “The Bone Shard Daughter” by Andrea Stewart. It drew me in with an intriguing, logic-based magic system, flawed but compelling characters, and a deeply literary style.  I don’t know what makes fiction literary versus any other genre per se, but it is something about an emphasis on character development, interiority of aContinue reading “Book Review: The Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart”

Patreon has relaunched!

I’ve decided to relaunch my Patreon! The main impetus for this was getting back into another passion of mine, boudoir and portrait photography, and needing a platform to post uncensored images. Turns out if you do not pay for some sort of web host, there are very few options for artistic nude content anymore. IContinue reading “Patreon has relaunched!”

Book Review: Jade City by Fonda Lee

I had a bit of review fatigue so I haven’t written a book review in awhile, but for my first one back I’m tackling “Jade City” by Fonda Lee, the first book in the Green Bone trilogy. I’m also working on simplifying my reviews so they will be less intimidating to write.  This book wasContinue reading “Book Review: Jade City by Fonda Lee”

I Don’t Know Where I Fit In Politically Anymore

I used to be very outspoken about politics. I have dialed that back a lot this year. For one thing, civil discourse, if we ever really had that, is becoming a thing of the past. People don’t listen to respond, they listen to react. The politics of the keyboard warrior whose goal is to deplatformContinue reading “I Don’t Know Where I Fit In Politically Anymore”

Photo Challenge: Black and Gray

I’m trying to make myself go out and shoot photographs at least once a week, so as part of that I am hoping to do more photo-blogging. Through investigating other photoblogs, I have discovered blogs that host challenges on various topics, which I found inspiring for my own photography. The plan is to make myselfContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Black and Gray”