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I’m now opening up my blog to solicitations for book reviews! In the past I’ve reviewed all books but I want to put the spotlight on the indie press now. I’m looking for indie books, which I would define as self-published and small press books. Simon and Schuster is not a small press, for example. Anyway, I want to promote more great indie books. I am also reviewing graphic novels. If you’d like an honest review of your book, please use the form below.

My review philosophy: I’m not negative and harsh, but I try to be constructive. I review like a writer, looking for things I liked and didn’t like about the writing, the story and the characters. I want people to rely on my reviews because they like my taste in books, movies and shows. To me those are the most useful reviews.

Which, unfortunately, means an interlude for something that must be said, since it’s come up so often for other reviewers: If you don’t like a review, harassing the reviewer is not called for. Reviews are for readers, and if you’re unhappy about that, buy an advertisement instead of soliciting a review.

As far as what I like to read goes, I am open to just about every genre, but I don’t like to read explicit sex scenes. But I do like dark fiction; just not erotica. I am open to ARCS, and you do not ever need to pay for a review. I can’t give you an honest and fair review if I’m getting paid by the author. I especially love sci fi and fantasy, horror, dark fiction and lgbtq representation. I’m not keen on reading about deadly viruses and pandemics, it is still too soon for me.

I can’t guarantee dates of publication (At my fastest pace I am only able to read one book a week…) or that your book will always be accepted for review. But when you do get a review, you get a constructive, thoughtful review letting readers know what I enjoyed about your book. People read my reviews because they trust my judgment, and that’s why word of mouth is so important. My blog is followed by 97 people and I’ve been at this for more than a year.

Below check out my reviews for other books I’ve liked. I post reviews on my blog and my Goodreads.

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