Day 3: Bradbury Reading Program

Essay: Fail Better by Zadie Smith “Style is a writer’s way of telling the truth. Literary success or failure, by this measure, depends not only on the refinement of words on a page, but in the refinement of a consciousness, what Aristotle called the education of the emotions.” I used to always think that IContinue reading “Day 3: Bradbury Reading Program”

Day 2: Bradbury Reading Program

Essay: The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved by Hunter S. Thompson “Great creeping Jesus, I thought. That screws the press credentials. I had a vision of some nerve-rattling geek all covered with matted hair and string-warts showing up in the press office and demanding Scanlan’s press packet. Well … what the hell? We couldContinue reading “Day 2: Bradbury Reading Program”

Day 1: Bradbury Reading Program

For my real New Year’s resolutions, I always try to make one small, realistic behavior change and actually stick with it. One year I gave up beef and pork; I still don’t eat beef and pork. (Before you come at me, last I checked, chicken was not a vegetable.) Anyway, for my 2022 resolution, IContinue reading “Day 1: Bradbury Reading Program”