My first impressions of the Kindle Paperwhite

My new Kindle Paperwhite arrived in the mail yesterday and since I have had a chance to play around with it for a few hours last night, I thought I would share my first impressions. I decided on this e-reader ultimately, even though I knew it would lock me into Amazon, because as I lookedContinue reading “My first impressions of the Kindle Paperwhite”

Book Review: Romancing Miss Brontë by Juliet Gael

This next book is rather difficult to review without providing spoilers, but I will try to exercise restraint. The full meaning of title of the book is not immediately apparent until one steps back and takes a full accounting of the story in its entirety. This is a lovely, sensitive book, a must for BrontëContinue reading “Book Review: Romancing Miss Brontë by Juliet Gael”