Moving past rejection as a writer

One of the most important challenges you will have to overcome as a writer is dealing with criticism and rejection. So I thought I’d share my own personal strategies for moving past rejection.  When I made a living as a writer, I received the worst criticism of my professional career; it made me realize I […]

Starship Earth

He doesn’t like this. The way the stars feel in his hands. All cold and rotten, slimy, like the fish he ate for dinner. He wants to clean himself. He desires to see his skin again. Empty of the callouses of the constellations. Will it ever be home? Will he ever come apart at the […]

Why I Don’t Read Book Reviews

This may sound strange from someone who writes book reviews for this blog. But I typically don’t read reviews in order to influence my decision on whether to purchase a book. I have been told that 80 percent of readers use reviews as their decision point, but I’m not in that group. Here is why. […]

Why Editors Matter

On Twitter, someone makes a controversial statement about writing that goes viral, and then other writers must glom on with subtweets to dissent. The current debate is regarding whether writers need editors. I find this debate rather perplexing because I don’t come from a fiction background, except for my undergraduate degree; I come from a […]