Day 13 of #NaNoWriMo: Slow progress

Yesterday I eked out 1,667 words, but today I only managed about 500. I blame Friday the 13th! That works, doesn’t it? A plausible excuse. I’m really not lazy. Just… sluggish, I guess. Letting too many excuses and distractions happen, though. And I am far too chatty on Twitter when I’m procrastinating. That’s how you […]

Day 9 of #NaNoWriMo: A little each day

I was going to pick up my novel some more tonight after work, but upon reflection, I am going to switch gears and edit photos instead. Sometimes you have to exercise different creative outlets to stay inspired with the primary one. I did, however, write this morning, and I’m increasing my daily word count as […]

Moving past rejection as a writer

One of the most important challenges you will have to overcome as a writer is dealing with criticism and rejection. So I thought I’d share my own personal strategies for moving past rejection.  When I made a living as a writer, I received the worst criticism of my professional career; it made me realize I […]