Short Fiction – Defiant Hemlock #4: Jocks, Gods, Emo Boys and Nerds

ADA Flex Fisher waited for Judge Gallant to return from her bathroom break. Beside him, Jack Kinzer seemed deep in contemplation of the judge’s Ravenswing Pub poster. Flex noticed that the other man was wearing mismatched socks.  Flex passed a hand through his close-cropped blonde hair and shrugged his muscular shoulders. They may have taken […]

The anthology featuring my story is now available for preorder.

I have some good publishing news to share again. The anthology that accepted my story DRAGON GIRL is now available for preordering! The ebook edition of Dragon Soul Press’s Fairytale Dragons Anthology can be preordered at My story DRAGON GIRL is a feminist retelling of the Grimm’s fairy tale GOOSE GIRL, except with queer […]

Short Fiction: The Golem’s Embrace

“The Golem’s Embrace” Story by Denise Ruttan Illustrated by Micah Chaim Thomas Jonas shouldered his way through the press of the crowd. It was February 20, 1939 in Manhattan, and the chill pricked his bones. His fur-lined leather jacket felt flimsy and weak. But that was suitable armor for someone who felt weak, inside. Jonas […]

Flash Fiction: Strong Women

This was a story that got rejected, but I didn’t feel like looking at it again so I’m self publishing it on my blog. Enjoy! “Strong Women” By Denise Ruttan Suzi did not think of herself as a strong woman. When people talked about strong women, she didn’t know what they meant. Was that like […]