Today’s publications

I’ve published a weird gothic short story on my Ko-fi: The Vicious Sky This one’s free but tips are appreciated. I’ve also published Episode Six of CRY WOLF, my werewolf crime drama with a dash of queer romance (with a love triangle forthcoming!) exclusively for $3 a month Patreon supporters. In another month or twoContinue reading “Today’s publications”

Bloganuary Day 9: Assumptions

Bloganuary Day 9 Prompt: What do people incorrectly assume about you? My age. I mean, look at this selfie I took today and see what you would guess. It could also be my demeanor that influences their impressions of me, because I’m shy and awkward around strangers; the words do not flow to me atContinue reading “Bloganuary Day 9: Assumptions”

Bloganuary Day 8: Writing Strengths

What I like the most about my writing is two things actually – my character development and my way with language. I’ve really taken it to heart that characters need to be flawed, complex, whole people who face problems and conflict, then go through changes and transformations. I get a lot of inspiration from theContinue reading “Bloganuary Day 8: Writing Strengths”

Bloganuary Day 7: Laughter

Bloganuary Day 7 prompt: What makes you laugh? What makes me laugh the most is goofy and stupid humor. I am fond of quirky irreverence and people who are the opposite of uptight. I like people who don’t take themselves too seriously; in fact, they don’t take themselves seriously at all, but they still careContinue reading “Bloganuary Day 7: Laughter”

Bloganuary Day 6: Inspiration

I am playing catch-up because it took me awhile to think of this one. I thought of famous people first and quickly discarded them because they were flawed in some way or another. So many people usually end up disappointing me but I still admire something about them; that is, however, because people are complex.Continue reading “Bloganuary Day 6: Inspiration”

Bloganuary Day 5: Wished For Talent

Day 5 Prompt: What is something you wish you knew how to do? I wish I knew how to do a lot of things. I wish I spoke at least five languages, Japanese and Russian included; when I was a child I wanted to learn Arabic. I can knit but I’m not an advanced knitter.Continue reading “Bloganuary Day 5: Wished For Talent”

Bloganuary Day 4: Favorite Toy

I’ve decided to participate in WordPress’s Bloganuary challenge. I don’t know if I’ll participate every day but I’ll try my best to answer the prompts. Today’s prompt: What was your favorite toy as a child? This is a toss-up between two toys for me. As a child I was obsessed with two things: stuffed animalsContinue reading “Bloganuary Day 4: Favorite Toy”

Book Review: Mouth Full of Ashes by Briana Morgan

My Kindle became well-used during the pandemic, which finally made me get over my stigma about e-books. But then I found myself missing the tactile sensation of holding a book in your hands and flipping through the pages, so I’ve bought more paperbacks and patronized the library more often lately. There is just something aboutContinue reading “Book Review: Mouth Full of Ashes by Briana Morgan”