Starting my running journey, again and again

I don’t know what it is about running, but people always have a visceral reaction to it. There is almost no one who is merely indifferent about it, it seems. The most common reaction from the detractors is usually to scoff, “Running is what prey does from predators, it’s not for civilized humans.”  It’s allContinue reading “Starting my running journey, again and again”

Graphic Novel Review: Crimson Flower by Dark Horse Comics

A girl seeking revenge for her father’s death finds refuge in Russian folk tales in “Crimson Flower,” a graphic novel published by Dark Horse Press, written by Matt Kindt, with Matt Lesniewski on art and letters. This was a great premise that ultimately fell short in execution in a few parts for me, but IContinue reading “Graphic Novel Review: Crimson Flower by Dark Horse Comics”

Graphic Novel Review: The Black Ghost

I immediately had a soft spot for the main character of “The Black Ghost: Hard Revolution” because she was a cops reporter for the Creighton Courier, and as a former small town newspaper reporter, I always have to root for journalists, especially in this era of fake news and widespread disrespect toward the media.  YouContinue reading “Graphic Novel Review: The Black Ghost”

Book Review: Embers of War by Gareth Powell

“Embers of War” by Gareth Powell is one of those books I have long meant to read and finally got around to doing so. About time, too; it’s going to be produced as a TV series at some point. It’s a first-class space opera that hooks you from the start with multi-dimensional, flawed characters; andContinue reading “Book Review: Embers of War by Gareth Powell”

Book Review: Beneath the Rising by Premee Mohamed

It is probably my love of comic books that allowed me to suspend disbelief for this bizarro yet delectable adventure ride of a book. “Beneath the Rising” by Premee Mohamed is the stuff of comic books and superheroes, grand global thrillers and Indiana Jones, ancient gods, secret societies and occult terrors. It’s a buddy taleContinue reading “Book Review: Beneath the Rising by Premee Mohamed”

Graphic Novel Review: Home Sick Pilots Volume 1

Lately I have found myself devouring Gothic literature and haunted house stories, out of a love for the genre and the atmosphere, but also consistently finding myself disappointed. This particular genre is filled with so many tired tropes and common motifs, that eventually, all stories start to seem redundant, like an endless cookie cutter copyingContinue reading “Graphic Novel Review: Home Sick Pilots Volume 1”

Looking at morally grey characters through the lens of Mark Lawrence’s Prince of Thorns

Instead of book reviews of traditionally published mainstream books, since there are plenty of those, I decided I would engage in a bit of literary analysis. I picked up “Prince of Thorns” by Mark Lawrence because it is a classic of the grimdark fantasy genre, and it did not disappoint. At first glance it seemsContinue reading “Looking at morally grey characters through the lens of Mark Lawrence’s Prince of Thorns”