Book Review: A History of What Comes Next by Sylvain Neuvel

I received the book “A History of What Comes Next” by Sylvain Neuvel (expected publication date of February 2, 2021, from Tor) as an e-ARC for an honest review from Netgalley. First of all, I will try my very best not to review this book with SPOILERS because very few people have read it soContinue reading “Book Review: A History of What Comes Next by Sylvain Neuvel”

Book Review: Ghost River by Chad Ryan

I received “Ghost River” by Chad Ryan, published by Lost Boys Press, as an e-ARC, an advance review copy, in exchange for an honest review. It took me a little time to read and this book is now available as a new release, but it’s definitely the kind of book that you want to takeContinue reading “Book Review: Ghost River by Chad Ryan”

Photography portfolio updated

I updated my photography page of my website with new photos to reflect my new direction. I enjoyed all my experiences working with people but since I’m not shooting portraits anymore, I decided I needed a more accurate reflection of my current scope. I am focusing on nature and still life, and I love it.Continue reading “Photography portfolio updated”

Graphic Novel Review: Sweet Heart by Action Lab Comics

My graphic novel pick this week is “Sweet Heart,” published by Action Lab Comics, written by Dillon Gilbertson, art by Francesco Iaquinta. This is the kind of horror I live for. The kind of horror in which yes, there are monsters, but the scariest part is what humans are capable of – the complacency, theContinue reading “Graphic Novel Review: Sweet Heart by Action Lab Comics”

Moving past rejection as a writer

One of the most important challenges you will have to overcome as a writer is dealing with criticism and rejection. So I thought I’d share my own personal strategies for moving past rejection.  When I made a living as a writer, I received the worst criticism of my professional career; it made me realize IContinue reading “Moving past rejection as a writer”

“The One That Got Away”

It will be like a howl in the night the demon crawling through blood crunching sinew dripping fury what will you say when it looks you in the eye and you see soiled parchment bent knuckles a gradient of sorrow dead leaves the smell of cloves will you crawl inside yourself then? will you forgetContinue reading ““The One That Got Away””

Book review: “A Map to the Stars” by Ashley Hutchison

I received “A Map to the Stars” by Ashley Hutchison, published by Lost Boys Press, as an e-ARC (advanced review copy) in exchange for an honest review.  Form in literature is something that is often relegated to the province of poetry, with novels often devoid of experimentation in rhythm, grammatical structure, and arranged in theContinue reading “Book review: “A Map to the Stars” by Ashley Hutchison”

The anthology featuring my story is now available for preorder.

I have some good publishing news to share again. The anthology that accepted my story DRAGON GIRL is now available for preordering! The ebook edition of Dragon Soul Press’s Fairytale Dragons Anthology can be preordered at My story DRAGON GIRL is a feminist retelling of the Grimm’s fairy tale GOOSE GIRL, except with queerContinue reading “The anthology featuring my story is now available for preorder.”