Book Review: Game Plan (Vancouver Orcas, #1) by Amy Aislin

I have just fallen in love with hockey romances lately. “Game Plan” by Amy Aislin is Book 1 of a series that features different pairings on a farm-team hockey team in Vancouver, British Columbia. I really liked the author’s crisp, descriptive writing style and even more than that, her characters.

This is a sweet, heartwarming story about second chances, redemption, and overcoming mental health struggles. Matt Shore, new head coach of the AHL team the Orcas, is nursing a broken heart and bruised after a series of failed short-term relationships when his old flame, Pierce Langley Brown, comes back to town, bringing with him the added complication of being the father of one of Matt’s star players. Pierce ended things abruptly in a storybook romance during a messy divorce and a mental health crisis, and Matt doesn’t know if he’ll be able to trust him again, but he can’t seem to resist the charming antiques dealer and the history they share together.

I felt that Matt was a little too quick to forgive and give Pierce full access to his life after ruining his trust, but mostly I felt this was a sweet romance that sensitively handled Pierce’s mental health issues. I just thought Pierce needed to prove himself more. But I was quick to fall in love with both these characters, too, and the way that the author fleshed out the side characters in their lives. Thought it was refreshing that the sex scenes weren’t that graphic or detailed and it was more about character development and the growth of their relationship.

I’d definitely read more of this author’s work.