Today’s publications

I’ve published a weird gothic short story on my Ko-fi: The Vicious Sky This one’s free but tips are appreciated. I’ve also published Episode Six of CRY WOLF, my werewolf crime drama with a dash of queer romance (with a love triangle forthcoming!) exclusively for $3 a month Patreon supporters. In another month or twoContinue reading “Today’s publications”

“The One That Got Away”

It will be like a howl in the night the demon crawling through blood crunching sinew dripping fury what will you say when it looks you in the eye and you see soiled parchment bent knuckles a gradient of sorrow dead leaves the smell of cloves will you crawl inside yourself then? will you forgetContinue reading ““The One That Got Away””

Drabble: The Creature That Steals Bodies

I submitted a drabble to a publication so now I’m experimenting with very short fiction, between 100- and 300 words. I thought flash fiction was a difficult length. I don’t have much to say these days because I am working on DRAGON GIRL so I thought I’d work on these as well to keep myContinue reading “Drabble: The Creature That Steals Bodies”