“The One That Got Away”

It will be like a howl in the night the demon crawling through blood crunching sinew dripping fury what will you say when it looks you in the eye and you see soiled parchment bent knuckles a gradient of sorrow dead leaves the smell of cloves will you crawl inside yourself then? will you forgetContinue reading ““The One That Got Away””

The anthology featuring my story is now available for preorder.

I have some good publishing news to share again. The anthology that accepted my story DRAGON GIRL is now available for preordering! The ebook edition of Dragon Soul Press’s Fairytale Dragons Anthology can be preordered at http://books2read.com/dspfd. My story DRAGON GIRL is a feminist retelling of the Grimm’s fairy tale GOOSE GIRL, except with queerContinue reading “The anthology featuring my story is now available for preorder.”

Flash Fiction: Strong Women

This was a story that got rejected, but I didn’t feel like looking at it again so I’m self publishing it on my blog. Enjoy! “Strong Women” By Denise Ruttan Suzi did not think of herself as a strong woman. When people talked about strong women, she didn’t know what they meant. Was that likeContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Strong Women”

Day by Day, by Denise Ruttan

You have thought about death a lot lately. Not in the same way that you used to think about death, as if it were an existential threat. Those times that you do not tell anyone about when you would sit in traffic waiting for the red light to change to green and you think aboutContinue reading “Day by Day, by Denise Ruttan”