Photo Challenge: Black and Gray

I’m trying to make myself go out and shoot photographs at least once a week, so as part of that I am hoping to do more photo-blogging. Through investigating other photoblogs, I have discovered blogs that host challenges on various topics, which I found inspiring for my own photography.

The plan is to make myself go out to a local park or some location like that and shoot either according to what strikes my fancy or along the lines of a theme to focus my eye. I have enjoyed urban photography in the past, but when you live in a semi-rural suburb there is not much variety to photograph; you end up running out of town. Not shooting models any more, when your subject is readily provided in the form of a portrait, I was struggling to come up with ideas and consistent motivation. So in comes photo challenges.

For this week’s shoot, I was inspired by Life in Colour’s weekly Black or Gray challenge. I went to a local park in the rain, and at first I was thinking, what blacks and grays can you find in nature? Turns out when it is nearing the middle of November, there are quite a bit of dying things and shadows to explore. Without further ado, here is my take on Black and Gray. All photographs copyright Denise Ruttan.

One thought on “Photo Challenge: Black and Gray

  1. I was thinking that this month’s colour would not be conducive to photos from nature, but you have proved me wrong. The hips and the leaves at the end are marvellous. I find it difficult to be inspired at this time of the year so thank you for showing me that there are things out there!
    Jude xx

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