Flash Fiction: Strong Women

This was a story that got rejected, but I didn’t feel like looking at it again so I’m self publishing it on my blog. Enjoy! “Strong Women” By Denise Ruttan Suzi did not think of herself as a strong woman. When people talked about strong women, she didn’t know what they meant. Was that like […]

Starship Earth

He doesn’t like this. The way the stars feel in his hands. All cold and rotten, slimy, like the fish he ate for dinner. He wants to clean himself. He desires to see his skin again. Empty of the callouses of the constellations. Will it ever be home? Will he ever come apart at the […]

Morning blossom

I see you shadows congealing  in the iris of your eyes which manifest so sublime even in the mist  I see you  even when you’re not okay  even when you’re trying to be okay  when you’re okay  it’s okay to be okay  I hope you know I see you. // Support my creative work? Donate […]

Oh, you know, just a week of outlining and practicing the guitar and simmering anger

This is not a good week for creativity. I must recognize that some weeks are going to be harder than others in these extraordinary times. I’ve felt increasingly helpless and angry about systemic racism, unrest and the lack of leadership, and some days I can write through anguish and other days I just can’t. This […]