Brand-new newsletter is out!

I’m giving monthly newsletters a go! If you subscribed before you’ll need to subscribe again to keep receiving them in your inbox, as this is a brand-new effort. Writing updates, tales from the querying trenches, a snippet from Book 2 of the werewolf romance, and what I’m reading and watching: The Weird Words of DeniseContinue reading “Brand-new newsletter is out!”

Weekly Musings #9

My enormously exciting news is that I have finally, at long last, after five months of steady work, finished my first draft of the paranormal romance crime thriller. Clocking in at 100,071 words, it is finally done. Well, not done, because I still have massive amounts of editing to do, but considering all the half-finishedContinue reading “Weekly Musings #9”

The Mythology of my Werewolf Universe

I thought I’d talk a little bit about how my werewolf universe came to be in my manuscript, CRY WOLF. I’m going to be changing this title, but it’s the working title for now. I fully admit I picked paranormal romance because originally I was going to publish this as a serialized story to KindleContinue reading “The Mythology of my Werewolf Universe”

Weekly Musings #6

Apologies for my absence. Haven’t felt like blogging for some time. It doesn’t get the same kind of immediate interaction that posting to Twitter or Tiktok gets you so it can be hard to keep up with it sometimes, and frankly, I get so busy writing that I don’t leave as much creative energy forContinue reading “Weekly Musings #6”

Weekly Musings #5

Once again I’ve remained single-mindedly focused on my paranormal romance and haven’t gotten much of anything else done this week, but I met my writing goal, wrote nearly every day and I’m now up to 60,051 words in my main manuscript. I have not been able to switch gears and work on short stories orContinue reading “Weekly Musings #5”

Weekly Musings #4

Things are progressing with my paranormal romance. I didn’t write for a couple days and it was stressful not writing, honestly; it’s become kind of addictive. I don’t see it like work anymore, I just see it as fun. Stress relief. A nice distraction from impending World War III and the terrible news in Ukraine.Continue reading “Weekly Musings #4”