What To Stream This Week

Here’s everything I’ve been watching and enjoying on my various streaming services lately.


Warrior Nun – I only just discovered this fun sapphic show with elements of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Unfortunately it got canceled after two seasons even after fan outcry so now’s the time to watch it. It’s a thoroughly weird urban fantasy spin on the chosen one trope surrounding a nunnery with a unique, violent mission.

The Protector – A Turkish urban fantasy with another chosen one trope about a man who works at an antique shop in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul with a dark supernatural past.

Wednesday – The spinoff of the classic TV show the Addams Family is a fresh take with nostalgic nods to the original. Purists might find Wednesday’s teenage attitude too rebellious but I thought it updated the original in a way the original would have done.

Emily the Criminal – A dark, gritty film about a woman unable to hold down a job who turns to credit card crime to survive.

Emily in Paris – A very different sort of Emily who’s an American who works as a marketing executive in Paris and is always coming up with clever ways to save the day and has romantic adventures along the way. Finally, a show that uses social media that’s not obnoxious about it because Emily’s a marketing exec so of course she would document her life for millions of likes.

The Recruit – A young lawyer and adrenaline junkie takes a job at the general counsel’s office at the CIA and gets more than he bargained for but talks his way out of it anyway.

The Bastard Son of The Devil Himself – A pair of star-crossed lovers finds themselves at the crossroads of a war between Fairborn witches and blood witches, with some poly bisexual action in between. The universe in this show is quirky and different, urban fantasy at its finest, even if it runs to the gory for my taste.


The English – I’ve really been enjoying Emily Blunt’s portrayal of an Englishwoman in the American West forced to join up with a Pawnee and former military man to survive.

Three Pines – A quirky detective show about a bizarre murder in a small town in Canada that is at once both very French and very Quebecan. There is even an old lady who carries a duck everywhere.

James May: Our Man In… – A travel show featuring a funny, quirky, relatable British host who takes the time to learn the language and spends a whole season exploring a country. His takes on Japan and Italy were real and perfectly irreverent. I think the travel documentary as a genre has languished since Tony Bourdain’s death but people like James May and Stanley Tucci are putting their own spins on it.

The Devil’s Hour – A creepy psychological thriller starring Peter Capaldi in which a woman wakes up at 3:33 a.m. every night.


Interview with the Vampire – I can’t say enough about this show. The original gay vampire dads with a fresh modern take.

Dark Winds – A crime thriller set in the 1970s on a Navajo reservation starring tribal police as the investigators, with a noir vibe and supernatural undertones.


The Banshees of Inisherin – A wonderfully written drama about a friendship that is falling apart, a suicidal man in a world of Catholic guilt, at a time on an island off the coast of Ireland when rural life came to a reckoning. Dark comedy and so very Irish.

White Lotus – I have mixed feelings about this show. I keep trying to like it because I love dark comedy with a horror or thriller vibe, but I find the characters unlikable and I think the main dark comedy vibe is the cringe element which I am not a fan of. I keep expecting it to get better because it gets so much hype. I like the idea of it.

The Gilded Age – For fans of Downton Abbey and beautiful period costuming, I just loved this show.

Mare of Easttown – A depressed detective with eternally messy hair, who is played by Kate Winslet so of course I have to watch it, solves crimes in a small town.

His Dark Materials – What if we lived in a world in which we all had our own personal demons and they manifested as animals? This series based on the books by Phillip Pullman follows Lyra, another chosen one child making her way through this mysterious supernatural world trying to find her stolen friend.

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